about rebellelion

rebellelion is whatever we want it to be, a boundless inspiration. rebellelion supports creativity, positivity & equality.  inspired by revolutionaries & visionaries. we know no limits. 

we're a bizarre bazaar. a hub for weirdos to find treasures & trinkets to take along as they adventure & wander along this pale blue dot. we believe art & fashion should be affordable & accessible to everyone. your individual expression should not be limited by dollar signs.

we are not a brand or a corporation. we are a small collective imagined by individuals. our inventory is not mass produced, over-priced & slathered in our logo. our goal is not to be identifiable by a name or a symbol. this is not a label & we do not wish to stick a label onto anyone else. we want our clothing to be identified by the attitude of the people wearing it. we strive to provide means of enhancing a positive lifestyle & creative expression.

this is a source for creatives & free-thinkers to connect & collaborate. we interview people who inspire us, to hear their stories & understand their vision. building a community of respect & admiration for our fellows. this is a positive & open minded environment with intention for deeper discovery.

rebellelion is not something that we own, but a shared idea. experimentation fueled by D.I.Y. spirit. proud to be rough around the edges, pushing our limits & embracing imperfection. unpolished & unapologetic. we thrive on collaboration & seek to support a community through art & activism. come as you are.
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