all of our clothing is recycled second-hand, therefore sizing differs with each product we find. vintage sizes often run smaller than true size. we know that one size doesn't fit all, so we've tried our best to organize the clothing on both a numeric scale in US sizes, but also in a lettered scale XS-XXL. we celebrate all shapes & sizes and use beautifully unconventional models to accurately display how clothing will fit different body types. we often list two sizes, a recommended size for wearing the garment snug or loose. the clothes are arranged on each page in size order so that it's easy to browse a wide collection of clothes, like that perfect knit sweater that your prefer two sizes too big. 
we grew up poor, queens of the neighborhood goodwill. rummaging through old clothes for anything that we could pull off looking fabulous while nobody recognizing the fact that we only paid $5.00 for the entire outfit. often discouraged seeing magazines selling those "cool clothes" for more than our parent's rent. style cannot be bought & a number on a tag does not denote a true worth. the opportunity for unique fashion should not be limited to the neighborhood you live in. we aim to offer the most affordable prices available for the pieces we are selling. 
we're conscious of the price we originally paid for a garment before alteration. a lot of our clothes are donated to us for free, so we're able to sell them for prices under market. many of our clothes are thrifted, so even if there is a rare vintage dress valued for hundreds of dollars, if we got it cheap then we sell it cheap. we search for the best quality at the lowest price. we're born treasure hunters, seeking the diamond in the rough. 
yet, sometimes we work with custom fabric that costs $30 a yard & have to match our prices accordingly, but we promise it's worth the price. you know we love using patches, but those lil' guys aren't cheap, so materials per individual garment affect pricing between similar items. with natural products, we strive only to use natural ingredients that are organic & ethically made. see what we're saying here, the price of quality materials bring up the value of that item. with handmade pieces comes a lot of love & individual attention, sometimes it takes hours/days/weeks to complete a single piece. artistic dedication is considered in pricing each handmade item. 
many of our items are experimental & therefore delicate. we guarantee the best quality we can produce, but sometimes you just never know how many trips through the washing machine your shredded tee can really survive. just know, the wear you can get out of a garment is also considered in pricing.
the purpose of selling our clothing is not to make money in a store. this is a creative project & a medium of expression. if we could give things away for free, we would. so it goes, in able to keep this show running we do have to sell something & we appreciate your support. we also love to trade (so don't be afraid to offer!)
one business day shipping & handling turnover. items are shipped through united states postal service standard shipping. we ship wordwide. recycled packaging.
returns are managed on a case by case basis. contact customer service with any concerns. startrebellelion@gmail.com
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