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rebellelion is handmade & treasure hunted. every single piece of clothing available on this site is 100% recycled: gathered from thrift or vintage stores, attics & garage sales, alleyways & craigslist. most of the clothing is donated by generous friends & family, for which we're endlessly grateful.

truth be told, fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world. annual global textile production is responsible for consuming one trillion gallons of water, thirty-three trillion tons of oils & 20 billion pounds of chemicals! 99% of clothing can be recycled yet 85% ends up being thrown away, we were horrified to hear that fourteen million tons of textile waste is thrown into landfills each year. we vowed that our clothing would rebelle against that negative impact. we’re rejected clothing’s second chance & a step in the right direction for environmentally friendly fashion. everything from our textiles, to our marketing materials, to our packaging, is resourced from recycled materials.

all of our clothing is cruelty-free & vegan. we're pro-faux! we do not support the harm of animals in the name of fashion, that's just not our style.

our clothing is not a statement of name brands & labels. this isn't about being trendy or cool. this is a project for textile experimentation & artistic expression. a collection of one of a kind clothing, no piece like another, to compliment the people wearing them. expressing individuality & personal style, not as a projection of vanity but rather a discovery of self expression. 

we like clothing with a little life in them which means they aren't always perfect. in fact, they're often intentionally destroyed. a learning seamstress who maybe can't always sew in a straight line, we've adopted the zig-zag stitch as a trademark to embrace our own imperfection. we celebrate oddities & welcome happy accidents. the condition of the garment & any flaws will always be stated in the description.

most of the garments are upcycled, meaning we take something old, whether it be clothing or a random found item, & alter into something new. we pay special attention to every single item that comes through our hands, adding our unique touch so that each piece is truly one of a kind. sometimes an old piece of clothing is entirely deconstructed & just the fabric is used for a new piece. we love mixing & matching two garments into one. whatever the case may be, rebellelion is a fresh start for discarded clothing. each piece is created & altered entirely by hand, we appreciate a homemade aesthetic. we recommend hand washing your upcycled garments, or not washing them at all. live a little.

we’re also known for being nostalgic, always offering the most unique collection of vintage clothing in the market. our definition of vintage is 20 years or older. we try to specify what era a garment originates from & to preserve the original tags. if a clothing tag is removed, or tagless as many pieces of handmade vintage clothing are, it will be specified. so it goes with vintage clothing, with life comes imperfections. any flaws to the clothing will be noted with detail in the description. we suggest hand washing all vintage clothing since it's growing old & needs a little extra T.L.C.

reclaimed clothing is second hand clothing that is not upcycled, it is being sold in it's original condition that we found it in. sometimes we cannot confirm whether or not a garment is truly vintage, therefore we won't label it as such. we just find cool shit & want to share it, so reclaimed clothing is home to the rejects, tossed aside & waiting for somebody else to realize how great they are. give them a chance.

handmade clothing is made from scratch using re-purposed fabrics. most handmade garments are original designs created from custom patterns, however some garments are constructed from vintage patterns inherited from my great grandmother. handmade clothing allows for the most experimentation when it comes to fashion design, so hand washing is recommended to ensure the longevity of your garment. 
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